Not to brag, but I've created a pretty awesome company. Numerous trophies line my desk, and I have about 200 clients that will say the same thing. I started Panache Event Group in 2007. For over 13 years, we have watched faces light up when they see their reception for the very first time. One of  my favorite parts of an event, actually.  We also plan corporate events, galas, conferences and birthday parties. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

This is a rare glimpse of me in action. Typically, I resort to any means necessary to dodge the path of the camera. But who could resist a photo op with theses two handsome devils? I must admit, I have a great job. And right here it kinda shows. 

I am the MacGyver of special events. When something goes wrong, you probably won't know about it. I am the obsessor of straight chairs and linens. I am the calm when you are freaking out. I am the humor when the stress gets too much. But mostly, I am the planner that you entrust to carry out your dream affair. While I do laugh at most everything, I take that part very seriously. A wedding is a HUGE DEAL, and I make sure you have a great time planning it. After all, you will spend more time planning your wedding than actually attending your wedding. Let that sink in! 

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