This could be you seeing your reception space for the first time. Isn’t it nicer than the alternative? Photo courtesy of Svetlana Photography.

Wedding planners serve two purposes – reduce the stress level and help you navigate this confusing process.  I often hear: “We’ve never done this before,” which is a good thing. And that’s why wedding planners can quickly become your best friend.

Gone are the days where a wedding planner was an opulant luxury only the very wealthy could afford.  The truth is that a (good) wedding planner can help you save money, often enough to cover the cost of their services.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should hire a wedding planner before doing anything else:

1) We get discounts. We have built great relationships and friendships with many vendors in the area.  If we are offered a discount, that gets passed on to you simply for being our client.

2) It can be back-breaking work. Last weekend I tied 100 long black sashes to the backs of chairs and under cocktail tables.  That was equivalent to 100 squats! Not really something you want to do on your big day. (I was really sore the next day.)

3) They know the best vendors for your style and budget. This alone will save you hours of work and countless dollars.  We know how to consolidate deliveries so you only pay one fee, and we can find pretty much anything you can dream up.

4) We will take good care of the venue.  It is getting more and more common for venues to require a wedding planner.  And for good reason! We take care of their venues like it was our own because we want to keep working there.  We are continually mindful of anything that may damage or risk forfeiture of your deposit.  We know the rules and we stick to them.

5) We become your confidant and in some cases your excuse. What better fallback to a sticky situation with a guest or family member. Uninvited guests? “Sorry, my wedding planner won’t allow it.” Unwanted children at the reception? “Sorry, my wedding planner won’t allow it.”  You get the gist.  And trust me when I say, this is used.  ALOT.

6) We want you and your family to HAVE FUN! And we achieve this at almost any cost. We want our clients happy so they will refer more people like them.  It’s a win-win!

We would love to meet you for coffee to chat about your wedding day and your ideas.  We offer free consultations that include some time and money-saving tips.  Give us a call and we can set something up!

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