We LOVE working with videographers. Having a professional, quality film of your biggest day is like a time capsule. Sure, you may argue that you’ll watch it once and never watch it again. But what if…

What if you lose your grandmother a year later and anytime you want to see her, you can watch her dance, hear her laugh, and recall how stunning she looked in her beaded gown that you helped pick out.

What if you missed the first look on everyone’s faces as you walked down the aisle, or during your first dance as a married couple.

What if 40 years later you can’t quite recall just how stunning you were on that special day or how you really could cut a rug on the dance floor.

Wouldn’t it be grand to have all of that right up there on that shelf? You could pull it out and relive that special day and enjoy those wedding day feelings rushing over you as if it had happened yesterday.

You will probably never regret hiring a professional videographer. But you very well one day might regret not having that special time capsule sitting there when nostalgia strikes.

Of course we can’t drone on about videographers without sharing our favorites. These are the partners we are always happy to refer. Each company name below will take you to a fabulous video of a beautiful Panache event. Enjoy the videos and then give them a call!

JC Film Group

Mark Thomas Films

Mason Jar Films

Randy Diddly Studios

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